07 February 2012

My Two Latest Articles On Raspwire Are Here.. Yesterday

The latest in Idol bashing is here, and it's my longest one to date. It turned out that way, because the last week of auditions were just insane. I still can't decide if I mean that in a good way or a bad way.

The Idol Auditions Are Over With A Bang

My next amazing article is all about my social awkwardness and what happens when people let me out in public. It's pretty embarrassing, but I take one for the team to bring you hilarious content.

It's what I do.

An Adventure In Socially Awkward Interaction

Check them out, and don't forget that the week is still young. I have many more articles to come. Three on YouTube stars I can't get over, another week of Idol train wrecks, and probably something else. Who knows? It all depends on how much sleep I want this week.

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