07 February 2012

Men And Excuses, Sandwiches and Cats, And Saving Lots Of Money With The Internet: RTTR

So, again, Husband has made an excuse not to make the drive from Louisiana to Georgia. I've done it alone with a cranky toddler and a scared-to-death cat. I think he can make it on his own. I'm not into men's excuses. Every guy I've ever dated has always had a plethora of them. It's starting to get old. They wonder why women always bitch at them all the time, and I can't really sympathize with them. They do it to themselves.

When are women ever allowed the opportunity to make an excuse when something they don't want to do is coming up?

Don't want to cook for four extra people that showed up without notice and uninvited? Fuck you! Get your ass in the kitchen and make these people some sammiches.

Don't want to make brownies for your husband's entire workplace or your kid's school bake sale? Too bad. It's your job. Get to it. Don't whine while you're doing it, either, because we'll laugh at you.

House dirty? Put your computer down, stop doing your job, and start doing your real job. Scrub those floors!

What I am trying to say is, I'm not ever allowed to make excuses for not being productive or not doing what people think I am supposed to be doing. I have to work through any illness, irregardless of how I feel; I must make sure everything and everyone is fixed up, all nice and happy and satisfied, no matter what I have going on; I make plans, and they're always iffy because I may or may not have to drop them for someone else. It's a drag, and I hate it.

So, Husband gets to make another excuse, and I have to rearrange my schedule to compensate. When is it my turn?

Hey, I don't feel like you coming home tomorrow, why don't you do it today, when the fuck you said you would, because you've already changed your mind ten different times, and save me the trouble of having to put up with your shit? How's that sound?

I'm not happy. I shouldn't blog angry. He's not so bad.. well, he's a total asshole, but hey, most men are assholes. I'm just tired of excuses. I can't make them, so I think perfectly capable people shouldn't make them constantly, either.

Moving on!

My cat stole half of my sandwich. He drug it right off the plate, carried it off to wherever he goes to hide, and came back smelling like caesar vinaigrette. I guess I made a man a sandwich today, after all.

He also has a thing for poptarts, but only the kind with lots of sprinkles on the outside. Fucking weirdo.

Hershey's Cookies 'n Creme candy has nothing on Palmer's. Palmer's is the best. Nom.

I did a lot of online shopping in the past few weeks. I found a pair of boots for myself and my Mom, a coat for her to wear to work (that has to be returned because, hello, how is anyone supposed to fit into that thing), and a new cell phone case.

I've saved hundreds, and it always feels nice to get a deal. $80 phone case for $11 and super cheap 1-3 day shipping? Yes please! $300 boots for $35 and free shipping? Of course! But in the end, I guess I would've compromised and bought something less, how do I say this, nice, to save money. I just happened to get lucky.

Though, the cell phone case thing was non-negotiable. I won't ever skimp on one again. The cheap one I bought shattered into a couple hundred pieces when I sat my phone down on a counter a little too hard. Insanity.

Still rebelling, one Tuesday at a time. Head on over to Stacy's awesome blog and link up to the fun!


  1. Rant away, my friend - I'm with you, it's just not fair that we're not 'allowed' to make excuses, the expectations of us are way higher than of them. ;)

    Is your cat really a domestic animal, or more of a wild creature? Sounds like a constant source of entertainment (or a new and unique way to diet).

    I love getting awesome deals when online shopping - sure sounds like you did! :)

    Madonna Still Rocks, M.I.A. Steals the Headlines, and Another Stray Cat

    1. He's a little of both.. mostly he's just a dumb ass.

      But man, do I love that cat. He's currently hanging off the back of the couch with his head on my shoulder.. drooling and snoring.

      It's like having an extra kid or husband.

  2. OK, this is a funny day to read your blog for the first time! #1 I love you for ranting about a man...some days I tell ya! #2 Crazy ass cat! #3 Seriously Palmer chocolate? My husband won't touch that stuff! Are you talking the novelty "inexpensive" stuff, or is there a better Palmer in your geographic region---like a wiser older sister's company perhaps?

    1. I bought a bag of Palmer's Cookies and Creme candies, and they were amazing. I love them. Crunchy cookie pieces in a perfectly sweet, but not too sweet, white chocolate.


      I rant about my husband a lot. He drives me nuts. I love him, but sometimes I want to punch him in the nuts.

  3. Men are such babies sometimes. & I bet other times he would drive straight there with you in the car just to prove he is macho. Gotta love it. And no, women & especially moms are not allowed NOT to do something... Today: honey the cat is puking all over the floor... the chair, the bed. Your shoes... yes I said your shoes... honey stop beating the cat!! - True story.

    1. Btw my cat Ego loves string cheese (like in your face, take it out of your mouth kind of loves) and the other day both of them were eating spare ribs w/BBQ sauce I made. To funny.

    2. Men.. I swear they're out to make us all die of frustration and confusion.

  4. I (a man) have three boys and it is amazing how they figure out how to manipulate their mother, it irritates me -she's mine to manipulate! But seriously, women can be quite different than men. I do suspect though that some the thing he doesn't want to do are not just "let the "sucker" do it (no pun intended) but that he's sense of normal is not the same as yours. I don't care about everything is it's proper place, it's not a natural priority as a wife. I don't have much interest in being polite and sensitive -they should be tougher. Many of the things a women want done or even the things they are ask to do by their man would not get done because the man would rather do something else that is more important -even something for another, like their kids -he doesn't care if their clothes match but how the handle a tool or their body.