12 April 2011

What Do You Call Stalkers On Twitter?


I stopped using it like, a while ago, like, seven months to be exact, right? I got a follower request and went to scope it out and BAM! My psycho ex-husband's new vicitim, err, I mean wife, is trying to follow me.


Do I look like I want to be friendly with you guys? I wouldn't shed a tear if you jumped off a bridge. I loathe and despise you, sir. And yes, that DOES in fact mean your wife as well.

It got me so weirded out that I decided if Twitter is THAT big these days I'm going to start using mine again. Mainly because I'm kind-of burnt out my Facebook but, yeah, you know.. change of pace and all.

Sooooooo..... FOLLOW MEH! @BAMFtASTiC.

See you on the Twit-side!