05 September 2012

The Inevitable

Wow. It's been crazy lately.

I think working three jobs--plus having other obligations, a kid in pre-k and cheerleading practice, and being completely addicted to Tums and Red Bull--makes for a miserable time.

I've recently relieved a lot of stress, and I'm getting on the hunt for a better job that I can work by itself and still bank at. I closed my business for now, because breaking even sucks, and the economy isn't exactly wondermous right now.

With that being said, here's a little sad news for the people who actually like me:

I'm on an indefinite hiatus from the interwebz.

Look, people fucking suck. They're judgemental and rude. Real life is crazy enough without having to deal with internet insanity.

But I digress; I've gotten off the subject...

But, yeah, anyhow, I'm on break. I've got to deal with all my real-life shit first, and as you can CLEARLY see, I haven't exactly had the spare time to blog lately. My ulcer and my lack of sleep have finally caught up with me, and with that, I bid you farewell, my awesome reader-friends.

Duck-face Duces! <3

03 July 2012

The Week That I Disappeared...Err, Didn't Have Internet

So, I'm in Louisiana.

It still sucks.

I haven't had internet. At all. OMFG. My truck needs a new right ass cheek, my kid has Strep, and I'm working on salvaging my marriage.

Also, rescued a kitten. Go me.

21 June 2012

The Week Everything Hated Me

That would be THIS week.

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing went right and everything went wrong and you wanted to die but you couldn't and even your sentences were long and drawn out and incoherent?

My whole week has been like that, only it's not over yet. I've been contemplating digging a hole for my head because it works for large birds and I'm sure it could work for me...right?

15 June 2012

That Time I Hit The Life Lottery

So THIS happened, and I've since gone on to bigger and better things. I've still yet to do all the other shit I'm supposed to do for my grandmother, but I'm assuming I'll start on that today.

"Other shit" is just a nice way to put "scrub her entire house clean from top to bottom and get myself a pat on the head." Oh, and stuff from the garden. And sometimes a little cash. Both are awesome.

The Lincoln is a pretty true-to-life image...

13 June 2012

Why I'll Never Go Shopping Again

Yesterday sucked. The levels of fail cannot be measured or described. Here are some highlights from the worst. day. ever. for your reading pleasure, because sharing is therapy.. caring.. whatever.