03 July 2012

The Week That I Disappeared...Err, Didn't Have Internet

So, I'm in Louisiana.

It still sucks.

I haven't had internet. At all. OMFG. My truck needs a new right ass cheek, my kid has Strep, and I'm working on salvaging my marriage.

Also, rescued a kitten. Go me.

It's been a hell of a week and a few days to say the least. I'm broke, stuck, tired, and probably going to be stuck in the fetal position if I curl up in the corner anymore.

For anyone that actually missed me, have no fear, for I have returned to the real world! I am finally reunited with my most favourite thing ever -- the internet.

I can answer emails, check the bank balance, order the part to fix the starter on my Mom's car, and watch my Netflix. All is right with the world.

Also, last week, I wrote over at Mama Pop, and it went a little something like this:

Former Mousketeer And 'My Three Sons' Star Don Grady Dies, Along With Part Of My Childhood

I had a sad. A big one. But, anyhow, back to the grind!

Carry on with your day!

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