05 September 2012

The Inevitable

Wow. It's been crazy lately.

I think working three jobs--plus having other obligations, a kid in pre-k and cheerleading practice, and being completely addicted to Tums and Red Bull--makes for a miserable time.

I've recently relieved a lot of stress, and I'm getting on the hunt for a better job that I can work by itself and still bank at. I closed my business for now, because breaking even sucks, and the economy isn't exactly wondermous right now.

With that being said, here's a little sad news for the people who actually like me:

I'm on an indefinite hiatus from the interwebz.

Look, people fucking suck. They're judgemental and rude. Real life is crazy enough without having to deal with internet insanity.

But I digress; I've gotten off the subject...

But, yeah, anyhow, I'm on break. I've got to deal with all my real-life shit first, and as you can CLEARLY see, I haven't exactly had the spare time to blog lately. My ulcer and my lack of sleep have finally caught up with me, and with that, I bid you farewell, my awesome reader-friends.

Duck-face Duces! <3

1 comment:

  1. I still love you And think ur awesome but yet ur right people do suck n I wish u all the best I understand the three jobs for sure