02 February 2012

My Latest Articles That I Am Just Now Posting Links To

I'm sorry, my awesome blog readers, that I am a total douchebag.

I haven't gotten around to posting the links to my two latest articles, and my next one will be finished by tomorrow.

Here they are, for any of you that are following my new career/the crap that I write:

The One Where I Write About Rooting Android Phones & The Cool Apps You Need


The One Where I Admit To Watching 'The Bachelor'

Always feel free to like, share, link-to, comment on.. I love getting feedback. Without it, writers would be no where.

Look for the link to my next American Idol article, because you know you want to see me shame myself some more!

I love all the support you guys have given me, and I appreciate ALL of you, even the douchenuts who e-mail me to tell me how much I suck. Your funny e-mails keep me going.

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