19 January 2012

Untitled, Unfinished Piece

Sitting in the corner, she took the party in from the shadows. There was music and dancing; frivolity and laughter; an abundance of stolen kisses and looks overflowing with love and enchantment. The whole scene was one for the storybooks.
No one even looked her way. She had been sitting there like the proverbial "fly on the wall" for quite some time - the entire party to be exact. She nursed her already warming beer and sulked. What a typical Saturday..

She was the the awkward one - the one that was overweight and a fashion train wreck. She'd never been part of the "In-Crowd"; no friends, no boyfriends. If you saw her out somewhere, she was usually alone -- and quickly forgotten.

Staring out across the crowded room, she spotted a beautiful girl dancing alone. Swaying to-and-fro with the beat of the music; a smile on her up-tilted face and her eyes slightly closed. She wanted to go talk to her, but knew someone who fit in so well where she did not wouldn't even give her a second thought. She sat back and continued to pine for the girl that was quickly becoming an obsession.
As the night progressed, she continued to stare; people came and went. The ever-changing crowd seemed to center on the dancing angel next to the stairs. She watched her laugh at someone's jokes, put on a mini-show for her adoring fans, and continue to dance; oh, how magical it was to watch her dance.

A few people stopped and said hello, but she paid them no attention - they were just trying to be nice. She just wanted to keep watching the girl. Hoping against hope that people would stop bringing the girl drinks, she slowly made her way to a chair near the "bar". She sat and tried to act nonchalant, but it was hard to hide what she was doing - she eventually stopped caring.

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