14 February 2012

There's Work And Then There's Housework -- RTTR

NOTE: I wrote this Monday night, because I thought it was Tuesday, despite the fact that I had just watched and live tweeted The Bachelor. Don't judge me, my brain is fried.

First, let's talk about those people in your family that are always out to get you. You'd think after spending an entire childhood being a fucking bitch would be enough for some, but no. They drag it all over into adulthood, because they can't grow up. Stalking your FAMILY MEMBERS on FACEBOOK is RIDICULOUS. Please grow up soon, thanks.

Second, let's talk about work. I'm working on so many things I can't keep them all straight. Funnest thing going on is trying to get press passes to a stellar concert full of epic win. Least funnest thing (hat statement is one that totally works in my head, but is so wrong on paper.. blogger.. whatever), but one that I feel compelled to work on, is a piece on people and celebrity deaths. It's hard to write it in a manner that won't get a brick through my window, but I think I can pull it off. We shall see.. I'm setting myself a midnight deadline to hurry the process along.

Third thing, my eyesight. This problem keeps rearing its ugly little face. I can barely see, my glasses are crap, and I'm in so much pain it's just not cool. I really hope I can grab a new pair of glasses and it will magically disappear, but I'm almost positive it won't. I think my sight is going to be as bad as some of my family members. Lame.

Fourth.. wait, why am I counting? Wow. I'm losing it.

Housework. SUCK MY NUTS! I know that it's a huge part of my duties and all, but seriously. People can't even make it to the trash can or the laundry room ONCE A DAY. I'm literally doing EVERYTHING. I'm exhausted, I'm drained, I'm sick of it. The only person in the house that will take a piece of trash to the trashcan is me. There are two other adults and a kid, who USED to love throwing things away, and nothing ever makes it. It makes it to the kitchen table, RIGHT NEXT TO THE TRASHCAN, but not in it. I don't get it. I'm lost. Also, the floors needing to be deep cleaned every single day is getting insane. I can't keep up. I commend people with more than one kid, and I can totally sympathize.

My Valentine's Day present will most likely arrive AFTER tomorrow, and that sucks. I did get a super sweet owl print bag from Journey's today. It's exactly what I needed for running around with the Munchkin. I no longer have to deal with my bag falling off my shoulder, because it's a cross-body bag. It's got a really pretty yellow silk lining, too. Cheap, quick, cute, fun, easy.. everything I needed. TAKE THAT Coach bag I've been drooling over for months!

I'm making a really amazing roast for tomorrow. I'm not planning on going anywhere unless it's to Lowe's to get a tub repair kit. We didn't make it today, so maybe tomorrow. Who knows.. I'd really like to get my shower fixed, but I'm the queen of putting home repairs off.

This concludes Random Tuesday.. because I'm starting to bore and confuse myself. Oh, and if you haven't seen Code Monkeys, the 8-bit cartoon G4 TV came up with, you're missing out. Get on Netflix and watch it. It's awesome.

Head on over to Stacy's blog, grab a button, write some crazy shit, and link up to the awesome fun that is Random Tuesday Thoughts. We're still at the rebellion, and it's so much fun I think you'd like doing it, too.

Peaces.. Deuces.. Peace.. Whatevs.


  1. Family Facebook Stalkers are the worst.

    The stellar concert full of epic win sounds awesome. I have your article open in another tab (well done, BTW!!) and will comment over there after I'm done here. ;)

    Bad eyesight is the worst, isn't it? I'm lucky that I didn't inherit my mom's bad eyesight (she's considered 'legally blind' because she has to get within 2-inches of the big E to see it without glasses). If I were rich and not-so-famous, I'd totally get the lasik surgery to never have to wear glasses or contacts again - and it would be so nice to wake up seeing clearly instead of the groggy blur. And quite possibly get rid of the headaches!

    I am SO right there with you on the whole housework aspect - especially since I seem to be the ONLY one who picks up after myself. Picking up after an additional 3 people? Not so fun. I've often thought of going on strike. :)

    The new bag sounds awesome! As does the roast you'll be cooking - what time's dinner? :)

    Happy Valentine's Day! :)

    Valentine’s Day, (Possible) Near-Sighted Princess, The End of a Crappy Schedule

    1. Yes. And the sad part is, I've dealt with the catty, make me look like a douche to the rest of my family, crap since I can remember. It never ends. You'd think people could grow up, but no. Not gonna happen. And I HATE that it gets to me. I really do. But it's just hurtful.. and stupid.

      Seriously. project961.com. Look at the lineup for The Project Cinco Party. I almost had a musicgasm. It was serious business.

      I have an eye appointment next month, and I'm scared to death. I don't want to hear what they're going to say. :/

      I went on strike, and literally had to almost hire an exterminator. It got that bad. Husband refused to help out, so I left the dishes and stopped cooking/cleaning.. I ended up with the most disgusting mess in the sink I've ever seen. It was a crime scene.. complete with a live bug collection.

      Supper is at 6:30, we'll set some extra plates on the counter! :)

  2. I've managed to avoid the Family Facebook stalkers so far.
    What I hate is the finding of dishes everywhere in the stinking house. They never bring them back.

    1. The new rule is no dishes anywhere but the living room and the dining room... I'm still pulling forks and glasses out of hiding places. My kid and my husband are crafty little demons.

  3. Thanks for the reminder that I've got work to get done....

    Have a great Tuesday!

  4. Our weekends are about house cleaning now.

    1. I wish we could wait until the weekends.. it would be a bio-hazardous waste area if I waited.