23 February 2012

Mass Effect 3 Article Is Finally Live

Yes, I know. I've been working on it for weeks.

I finally sucked my pride up and leaned heavily on already given information. I know, that sucks. Everyone I was supposed to interview either gave me an e-mail shutting me down, or bailed out on me.

With what I had to work with, I think I knocked it out. It's pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

Here's a preview and a link:

For everyone in love with Shepard (or FemShep, as fans call the female version), the sleepless nights spent waiting on the release of Mass Effect 3 are almost over. From the very first scene of the very first game, it’s been a romance worth all the hours logged. I’ve been sighing and drooling over the website for months. The demo has been out for a minute, and people are loving it. I’ve been scouring the internet, and picking people’s brains, and I’ve come up with a little bit of information to share with theRaspwire masses... continue reading.

Don't forget to keep checking back to the site, because we're about to roll out some sweet changes!

Happy Thursday!

mmm.. Commander! *drools*

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