28 February 2012

Bad TV, Awkward Situations, Gas Stations, And A Jeep With A Grudge -- RTTR

At this moment in time, I'm procrastinating work, because I feel like crap. I've had a perpetual cold for a month now. It's driving me insane. It's cold outside, and supposedly it's hot in the house. I feel like I'm chilling in Greenland, though, and I can't breathe out of my nose. I figured I'd actually post my Tuesday blog a little earlier than Tuesday night, almost Wednesday. Sounded like a good plan at the time, but now I'm stuck watching The Voice. Wow. This is worse than Idol, but with better judges fights. Well, mentors? What do you call them?  Button Guardians?  Whatever.. this is bad. And I'm kind-of mad that I can't just watch something I DVR'd last week and never got around to.

My gorgeous Jeep is running again. And since Husband decided to drive it to work today, he has to put gas in it. BAM! I dodged the bullet on that one. It took me an hour, but she's not parked anymore, and that makes me happy. Now if I could just convince Husband to sell his crappy car in favor of something he can actually use, we'd be set.

I went to the gas station yesterday, and I wore my awesome RAVN shirt. It got a couple of app downloads for the dudes behind the badassery, and I ended up ruining my workout jacket. Also, they were out of Dr. Pepper. WHO DOES THAT?! I was sad panda for sure.

So, I know I'm awkward, but sometimes, the situations I find myself in, are too awkward to be all me. Does that make sense? I found myself trying to explain bootstrapping and Venture Capitalists to my Mom, and the ensuing conversation was just.. I don't know.. confusing at best?

And I just watched big momma almost take Carson Daly down. My life is complete. Totally just messed up my train of thought. I'm done for this Tuesday. Tune in next week for, hopefully, a more exciting post. With less Button Guardians.

Omg. Country music is singing stories? I thought it was singing A STORY, over and over.. okay, for real, I'm done. Stupid show.


Head on over to Stacy's, grab a button, and link to the fun. Rebellion is best served with an awkward blog post that makes no sense, didn't you know?


  1. I'm in the same frame of mind today. I hear ya.

    1. Today, I ended up researching and almost finishing another rant article. They seem to be the site favourites, so I keep doing them, haha!

      But I didn't want to.. maybe tomorrow I will read and play outside all day if the weather allows me to.

      I need some rest if I'm going to fight this cold, and all the long hours aren't helping. Procrastination wins tomorrow. I'm set on it now.


  2. I've only watched The Voice once...that was enough for me. I have way too many favorite shows that take precedence. ;)

    Darn! I should have though about scheduling the dealer visit with my Santa Fe on a day when it would need to be filled up since the hubby will be taking it in for me tomorrow. Could have made him fill up the tank for me! :)

    Random Ponder, Seeking an Antidote for an Anecdote, Naptime Interruptus, Impulsive Swap

    1. Since My Mom works nights, she watches her shows in the morning. And since her and Husband were obnoxiously loud this morning, I was up super early. I just kind-of sat here, giving death glares.. doing my thing.

      ALWAYS find ways to make Husband's pay for gas. I feel like if I run all the errands, go to playdates, etc., the LEAST he can do is fill my tank up. My Jeep has been parked for over a month.. it needed a little work, and I was too lazy to put gas in it. I'm just glad to have it back. I hate his car, I hate my Mom's car.. I like my truck. I'm not a car person. I like being large and in charge on the road.