17 January 2012

Bad Weather, Mean Kid, Dumb Husband, Fair Trades, And Star Trek For Kids: RTT Rebel

So, I traded getting out in the freezing drizzle and taking the trash to the pick-up spot for a pot of coffee and an episode of Bones. Yes, I'm that guy. I'm totally easy to barter with. Mom knows what really gets me ready to make a deal. Husband, not so much.

I'm still really happy to be home. Our awesome living arrangement is going well, and it's also keeping me busy. Since she works nights, I do the cooking, cleaning, organizing, kid watching, and working thing. I'm also about to start school again... hopefully.
I say "hopefully" because I have yet to find a suitable student loan for the remaining balance of my tuition, and "again" because, well, I've been in school pretty much the entire time I've been out of high school. I'm just trying to find my niche in the universe.

Yesterday was a really bad day to be "Mommy". I'll admit it. My kid told me she wished I would die so she didn't have to have me telling her what to do all the time. I was heartbroken. She's only three, why is this even an issue yet? What. The. Fuck? I tried to talk to Husband about it, but he just doesn't get it. He never has to be the "bad guy", so she's nice to him. I'm the one that makes sure she eats the right stuff, picks up her toys, feeds the cat, takes her dishes to the kitchen, gets the right amount of sleep, bathes properly, brushes her teeth, etc. She thinks I'm fucking Satan or something. So, of course, I get the temper tantrums and the mean names... it sucks. It sucks hard.
But, admittedly, it has been boring lately. We haven't been able to go outside and play because it's just been gross. I won't let her get her way on eating chips for breakfast or having ten pounds of candy like my in-laws do (which, fuck that.. it's not even a question of "right and wrong", but she still sees it as awful, mean mommy won't let her do something). It still doesn't make it any easier to hear your kid say something like that to you, and even though I was crying and probably making a complete case file for commitment to some kind-of institution, Husband still should've understood where I was coming from. I think he's just a douchebag man, and this is probably normal. Men aren't exactly the best listeners.

It's raining again. And it's cold. The weather hates me.

I've been adding labels to my old blog posts to avoid doing dishes. I have like, half a load, and I just don't feel like doing much today. It's fun to label things. It's like labeling a piece of pie as "yummy".

Did I mention that Curious George 2 movie has a Star Trek reference in it?! SOFUCKINGAWESOME! For Klingon, press "Cha".


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Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. Oh boo! Sorry it's been yucky inside and out. No men dont listen very well. I think its just a defect we woman have to just accept, or beat them with a baseball bat... I opt for the bat...

  2. I have a 12 yr old that thinks I should die because I am such a mean mother. It tears you up inside but stand firm. You are doing what is best for her. Your her mom, not her friend.

  3. I'd take the garbage out to the pick up spot in the drizzle for a pot of coffee and Bones, too. ;)

    My hubby doesn't get to be the mean parent, either - it just doesn't seem fair, does it?

    Hope the weather gets better - indoors and out. ;)

    Skylanders Craze Part 2, Wishing for Snow and Advanced Potty Training: RTT Rebel

  4. @Kristine - I often say the same thing. Parents aren't supposed to be friends, they're supposed to be parents. Kids have enough dumb friends running around, they need structure and discipline. It still sucks to be the parent that gets hated all the time, which brings in @Stacy Uncorked. Yes it sucks that we as moms can't ever be the favourite parent, but I think I've almost become used to it. It just really threw me off when all day yesterday I was being attacked with mean-ness. I was a wreck. Today is slightly better, but we still have a huge 'tude to work on.

  5. Bad weather puts me in all of those moods, mean, cranky, etc. Smiles.

  6. No way. Klingon?
    too funny.

    Have a great Tuesday!