21 September 2010

Google Talk With Friends

The GT conversation I feel it's necessary for the world to see:

(12:40:05 PM) me: I need a better coffee pot that doesn't shut off after an hour - inset sad face over the Bunn I so desperately desire -
(12:40:41 PM) FRIEND: Rofl
(12:40:51 PM) FRIEND: I need a latte
(12:41:05 PM) me: I want to try the new thing Starbucks advertized on my Fb...
(12:41:14 PM) me: it was a ... fuck. me. I can't remember.
(12:41:56 PM) me: but it fucking looked amazing like a hobo singing Don't Stop Believing on the street corner with a sign that says "will work for awesome ninja powers" would look. only better.
(12:44:27 PM) FRIEND: Haha
(12:44:57 PM) me: lemme go find it again... cause I'm pretty sure you'll agree.
(12:45:56 PM) me: TOFFEE MOCHA :Q
(12:46:00 PM) me: NOMNOMNOM!
(12:48:43 PM) me: think about it - drinkable toffee and mocha... think about it.
(12:57:43 PM) FRIEND: Lol nice
(12:57:48 PM) FRIEND: sounds tastety
(12:57:50 PM) FRIEND: tastey*
(12:59:42 PM) me: tasty... tastey... it's tasty.
(12:59:46 PM) me: TASTY
(12:59:47 PM) me: hahaha
(12:59:51 PM) me: I googled it
(1:00:09 PM) FRIEND: such an odd spelling lol
(1:01:07 PM) me: I guess it's like nosy... http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/tasty
(1:01:32 PM) FRIEND: which is another odd word
(1:01:33 PM) FRIEND: haha
(1:02:31 PM) me: exactly.
(1:04:30 PM) me: dude - so Munchface was chasing me around the house, right?
(1:04:38 PM) me: well I got to the dining room and BLAM!
(1:04:46 PM) me: I caught the edge of the stool and went flying.
(1:04:51 PM) FRIEND: hahahaha
(1:04:53 PM) me: I so totally busted my face on the floor
(1:04:55 PM) me: it sucked
(1:04:59 PM) FRIEND: did she laugh at you?
(1:05:03 PM) me: then we went outside, and I noticed we sparkle
(1:05:12 PM) FRIEND: or did she make sure you were okay and then laugh?
(1:05:13 PM) me: there's something wrong with this picture - and yes, she laughed
(1:05:23 PM) FRIEND: lol
(1:05:24 PM) FRIEND: nice
(1:05:25 PM) me: then she said I'm retarded.
(1:05:33 PM) FRIEND: your daughter is cool
(1:05:34 PM) FRIEND: lol
(1:05:40 PM) me: my kid says "you reTARd" when you do something stupid
(1:05:45 PM) FRIEND: lol

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