12 September 2010

Random Poem from forever ago...

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear all evil.
For it is all around me. It surrounds and swallows my will to live.
To keep walking I must lose pieces of my soul. One for every time I look back and dream of the easy way out.
The way that only the weak take... I am not weak.
I am strong. I defeat the ever looming, ever lurking reality.
I keep walking.
Thinking of what I have to walk for. What lies on this path through  
I face my demons, I scream for salvation from the damned.
I receive no such releif. Only laughter from the ones bound to protect me.
I keep walking.
My life. My love. My sanity. My existance.
All lie at the end of the road I am destined to walk.
A beautiful face, a loving embrace.
A place to call home. Even if I never go back, I kow that it will always wait.
I need never look for love, for I have found it.
I keep walking.
Tales of my life flow in and out of my mind.
I hear the soft laughter of the ones waiting on the other side of this realm.
It gives me hope to know that I am part of the happiness that resides within them.
I keep walking.
There is so much to do. So much to see...
I scream and fall to my knees from the pain of this chosen path.
It holds me there. Paralyzed in its grasp, I want to give up.
Give in.
Soft coos, the feel of a gentle kiss full of all the love it ever promised and more.
I struggle.
I beat  and tear at the hold on me. Call out to whoever created this abyss.
It cannot hold me down.
I overcome the obstacle, and rise from my knees.
I keep walking.
The end nearing, I grow weary. Thoughts of rest fill my mind.
I start to run.
I will never give up, never surrender.
I will break through the haze of the valley before me.
I will be home.
safe in the arms of the one I gave my heart to, smiled upon by the part of that heart that crawls around outside of me.
I will win.
There is nothing I can't do. Nothing I won't do.
I keep running.
Just as cannot go anymore, I am home. Arms strong and full of love envelope me. Comfort me.
Give me the strength I need to make it through another day.
Nothing will ever hold me back.
I gain my greatest strength from the ones who hold my heart.
They free me from the darkest corners of my mind.
I keep going for them.

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