15 September 2010

Taps Aren't Cool When You're Tired

Okay, rant time. Small one, but rant nonetheless.

After not sleeping, driving to Atlanta, getting gawked at - oh, just see previous blog; I'm too lazy to type this out again.

Yeah, but after all that, I didn't even get to sleep until the Munchface woke up. Thank you taps at 0700. I'm not that patriotic. I care more about my sleep, than the music you blare into my bedroom window every morning. I stop my car at 1700, I stand with my hand over my friggin' heart if I'm out somewhere, and I make Nigel do the same, whether he's in uniform or not. I'm not doing that in the morning. I'm also not doing it at 2200, either. Once a day should be enough for you! It's enough for the vitamin, why isn't it for you? I can only be so respectful when I'm tired.

On a random happy note, Munchface is completely over the whole stomach bug thing. It doesn't stop her from telling everyone we meet that her "belly hurted". Neighbor decides to walk by randomly on their way to do who knows what? Yes, you guessed it, "HEY! Heeeeeeyyyyyyyy! Hey baby, my belly hurted!". Random group of PT-ers running on the other side of the street? Yes, again, she tells them.

*sigh* Oh, the joys of motherhood.

By the way, is it completely normal to have your kid licking the inside of a chip bag mumbling "nomnom"? I haven't decided to eat my feelings in a while. She didn't get it from me.

*glares at husband's chair*

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